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Nossa Terra Nordeste – Our Brazil – Our trip

When I first arrived in Brazil 12 years ago, I first came across… A language. As unexpected as it was delightful to hear, this Brazilian language which we call Portuguese is melodious like no other and full of the vibrant colors of the country. It left me “de boca aberta”.

My travels taught me that a language carries the culture of its people so I was looking forward to what I would discover. Behind this first sweet and musical shock I could guess that the immense country of Brazil was going to surprise me.

 was not disappointed because in the wake of words and intonations, the richness and beauty of this country imposed itself on me with its contrasting cultures and its striking and hospitable landscapes.
All these signals disturbed my senses and excited my long-distance traveler instincts. Then, little by little, at the pace of my encounters with the Brazilian people, my itinerary took shape…

Months went by and passing on what Brazil so generously offered me then became a fixation… It is in… It is in
São Luis, in this little-known region of the Nordeste that I created the travel agency Terra Nordeste.

Being a travel craftsman by nature and a frequent traveler myself, my mission is to ensure that your travels are filled with a little of the essence of all the different aspects of Brazil which have left their mark on me so much and still surprise me.

Whether it is green, yellow or blue, or all 3 at once, your trip to the land of Nossa Terra Nordeste, of Our Brazil will be a clever mix of your expectations and our experience.