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Paraty & Costa Verde

It is a real nugget that travelers discover when they arrive in Paraty, in the wake of the Portuguese settlers who discovered the gold and diamond mines of Minas Gerais in the 17th century. This small city is located halfway between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and is delicately arranged on the green bed that is Costa Verde. It is endowed with authentic colonial charm and attracts visitors from all over the world but also Brazilian artists and Rio’s intellectual bourgeoisie.

Brazil, Costa Verde - Paraty, boat and picturesque alleyway

Geography and climate

A remarkably beautiful city with the Costa Verde in the background

Brazil, Costa Verde - Paraty, church by the oceanParaty is located in the bay of Ilha Grande and is surrounded by many islands of a mesmerizing green color that contrast fiercely with the intense blue of the ocean. It benefits from a sumptuous natural setting. The city is set against mountain peaks reaching 1300 meters, covered with tropical forests and is home to sublime waterfalls. The Costa Verde offers an idyllic setting worthy of the most beautiful film scenery. Paraty’s situation is so exceptional that more than 80% of its territory is protected. It is ideally located 260 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, 290 kilometers from São Paulo and it is an ideal retreat only a few hours drive from the busy metropolis.

A mild tropical climate, enjoyable all year round

With average temperatures ranging from 19°C to 25°C, Paraty and the Costa Verde can be visited all throughout the year. However, the months of December to March rainier and the ideal time to enjoy Paraty is between April and September. It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 37°C on some days. This hot climate neertheless remains bearable thanks in particular to the sea breezes and showers that moderate the high temperatures that can be felt there.

A few words about Paraty and the Costa Verde

Brazil, Costa Verde - Beach, rock, Atlantic forestParaty is nestled in the splendid natural setting of the Costa Verde, Paraty and was founded in 1667 following the discovery of gold and diamond mines in the neighboring state of Minas Gerais. The buccaneers who were aware of the city’s strategic position made Paraty and its small port the hub of the trade in metals and precious stones bound for Lisbon and the rest of Europe. When it was decided to move this hub to Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, then populated by buccaneers, soldiers and slaves, was deserted and therefore quickly became inaccessible. It was only in the 1950s that roads to the “sleeping beauty” began to be rebuilt. This rich colonial past has also had good consequences for the city since it has helped preserve its baroque architecture and its Portuguese atmosphere.

The true gold mine now lies in the charm of this small port which once was constantly hustling and bustling and which offers today a haven of peace and serenity to all history enthusiasts in quest of authenticity. However this destination also appeals to the more active visitors who want to trek in an exceptional natural environment or to all those who are looking to lay back with the possibility of swimming in the sea which is between 21°C and 26°C throughout the year. Moreover, why not combine several types of activities in this picturesque setting that call for both exploration and relaxation ?

Our expert opinion

A destination you can combine with many others

Paraty is located about 3 hours by car from Rio de Janeiro and 4 hours from São Paulo which is an ideal geographical situation. This makes it easy to incorporate at the heart of a more complex itinerary including of course the “Cidade Maravilhosa” but also Ilha Grande and the famous Iguaçu Falls for example.

The organization of a stay in southern Brazil requires a rigorous and expert knowledge of the field and different logistical means necessary to reach each of the stages. We invite you to seek the advice of Terra Nordeste‘s advisors so that they can work with you to develop the program that best suits your expectations, your budget and your schedule.


Why you should visit Paraty and the Costa Verde

Here are some great reasons to visit Paraty and the Costa Verde:
  • For its bewitching and omnipresent fauna and flora
  • For its atmosphere of calm and remoteness just a few hours drive from the hustling and bustling metropolis
  • For the charm of its streets and its rich architectural heritage
  • For its historical, colonial and artistic heritage
  • For its intense colors and surroundings worthy of the best movie sets
  • For an active, studious or relaxed stay
Brazil, Costa Verde - Andra Dos Reis Islands

Some ideas to make your stay unforgettable

Before we can create with you the trip that will meet your expectations, come find inspiration in our selection of the must-see attractions of Paraty and Costa Verde:
  • Arrive by boat through the bay, rather than by car, marvel at the singular beauty of this site and slip into the shoes of the first pioneers and pirates who discovered it.
  • Visit a workshop where Cachaça, the famous Brazilian alcohol made from sugar cane juice is made. Incidentally, it is used in the recipe for the famous Caipirinha.
  • Go trekking at the heart of the Mata Atlântica and stay with the locals for a total immersion and an authentic discovery of Brazilian culture.
  • Attend the Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty (FLIP), a renowned literary festival held every year that welcomes literary enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Dance to the rhythm of the Festa do Divino, a very popular Brazilian festival which can only be celebrated in a few rare places in the country including Paraty.

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