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The village of Jericoacoara is a Brazilian treasure located on the Pacific coast. A place for holiday and contemplation as well as sports and water activities, such as kiteboarding. it is the perfect blend (Brazilian specialty!) of tradition and modernity. A stopover as much as a destination to tick off your travel diary in terra nordeste !

Geography and climate

As is often the case in Brazil, the best natural sites benefit from their remoteness from large cities. Brazilians jealously cherish their natural jewels and Jericoacoara is no exception to this rule. Jericoacoara is located 320 km from Fortaleza in the southeast and too many hours of travel from São Luis in the northwest. It has resisted the sometimes unbridled development of tourism however ecological it may be.

It is nestled in a pretty little bay on the west coast on the road to the setting sun and has a semi-arid climate. If you come from Lençóis Maranhenses, you will have left behind a tropical climate to find here a more soothing and relaxing climate. By semi-arid is meant: sunnier. Only 4 months of the year have a higher than average number of rainy days. Jericoacoara is less humid than São Luís and a has a refreshing sea breeze therefore it is the ideal place to enjoy a pleasant sunshine.

Jericoacoara - Brésil

A few words about Jericoacoara

Flexeiras, Guajiru, BrazilComing from the northwest and having left behind the Delta das Américas for a hundred kilometers, we have observed that the ocean is gradually abandoning its grey color to take on a magnificent turquoise hue.

The bay where Jericoacoara beach is located is naturally protected by a hill and its surrounding dunes form a true natural barrier. The dunes are omnipresent and shape the landscape as much as they influence the atmosphere of this village, similarly to those of the Lençóis Maranhenses Park.

As soon as the Brazilian government classified this micro-region as an “Environmental Protection Zone” in 1984, all eyes naturally turned to it. The following year, the small fishing village lurking between the dunes could no longer hide. Dunes, green hills, gently sloping beaches, ocean, summer temperatures all year round… All of which is protected by the Brazilian State. As you can imagine that’s all it took to spark the curiosity of those who love small paradises on Earth. However, electricity only arrived in the region in 1998, replacing the generators that illuminated only a few places in the small village of Jericoacoara. A new era was then beginning but its limited accessibility has preserved it to this day. The natural beauties and the wild and picturesque aspect of this place provide the ideal conditions for relaxation.

Indulge in the natural pleasures of nature

Jericoacoara, Brazil, Torta lagoon Jericoacoara: a place where water sports, tranquility, clear and fresh water, incredible discoveries, hospitality and shows of nature are combined.

At low tide the “Jangadas, traditional fishing boats, rest on their sides. It is the opportunity to go for a buggy ride or a horse-drawn cart ride by the sea to see neighboring villages such as Camocim. To reach some of these villages it is necessary to cross inlets on boats which are propelled by the arms of young locals. All the beaches upstream and downstream of “Jeri” (Jericoacoara’s nickname) offer waves of all kinds and vary in depth. Choose the one that suits you best!

Hammocks by the sea or even in the water, freshly caught fish, caïpirinha or coconut water in hand: no need to resist this deliciously slow paced lifestyle during the hot hours. Evening arrives quickly. The sun sets as soon as 6pm and there will still be time to prepare to join the main beach that welcomes football players, Capoeiristas, popular Brazilian cocktail vendors, musicians etc.

A world-class spot

Brazil, kitesurf on the lagoonJericoacoara has become one of the mythical spots for windsurfers and kiteboarders all over the world. The strong winds and waves form walls of crystal clear water. Ideal conditions for the practice of these sports. Jericoacoara beach is best for windsurfing; for kitesurfing, head towards the city of Preá, only a few minutes by buggy from the village.

Our expert opinion

An exceptional relaxation stopover

Jangada in Brazil, the blue lagoonBeyond the many assets specific to Jericoacoara we particularly recommend it as a relaxing stopover that will come at the right time in the middle of a more dynamic and active journey, as for example the Rota das Emoções from São Luis, or if you have just walked a few days in the São Luis. This stopover in Jericoacoara will ensure that your trip is balanced and will make you want to start a new journey towards the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, for example or even Belém & Santarém.

Pousadas for all tastes, some exceptional ones

Brazil, a cupuacu juice served in a pousadaFor the past few years, creators, artists, entrepreneurs all driven by a strong sense of hospitality and a passion for quality and luxurious services have given birth to some exceptional Pousadas.

We know almost all of them, so it is only natural that we offer to choose the most beautiful ones for you. Your options go from charming pousadas accessible to all to exceptional “rustic and luxurious” pousadas, as well as boutique hotel… All these accommodation choices are in themselves invitations to travel !

Reasons to come see Jericoacoara

  • How about seeing seahorses?! -The marine animal which has been roaming the tropical and temperate waters of the globe with its equine silhouette for 40 million years has made this region its home. It is a unique opportunity to see a seahorse in its natural habitat.
  • Come and see for yourself what the Huffington Post newspaper means by ranking the site amongst one of the four most beautiful beaches in the world in 2014.
  • A sunrise and sunset among the most appreciated in Brazil. Due to its peninsular location, Jericoacoara is one of the few places in Brazil where it is possible to watch the sun rise over the ocean and return to bed at dusk. The “Sunset Dune” is the closest and highest in the village. Its privileged position facing the sea is ideal for the almost spiritual ritual of observing the sun diving into the ocean. It is a spectacle that will delight the luckiest travelers with the magical vision of the famous green ray.
  • One of the best spots for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Jericoacoara has long specialized in these 2 sports. You will find pousadas designed to welcome you and the professionals to guide you, whether you are experienced or a beginner.
  • A lively nightlife with an atmosphere that is both cosmopolitan and Brazilian. The night life there is busy. People love dancing and this laid back atmosphere usually lasts until very late at night. Visitors are charmed by the rhythms of the music and the sea breeze and enjoy their cold beverages, whether they are alcoholic or not. When the celebration ends it is possible to have a snack at the “Santo Antônio” bakery which remains open all night so you can enjoy its famous bread.

To go further….

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