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Barra Grande & Itacaré

When going down the southern coast of Bahia State, the next two steps are, again, two pearls. Barra Grande is located in the Maraú Peninsula and seems to have frozen in time. The presence of mangroves, restaurants and an extensive coastline is what makes the charm of this village lost “in the middle of nowhere”. The city of Itacaré on the other hand is more daring since it is where the majestic Atlantic forest touches the beaches and lets the waves caress it.

Brazil, Itacaré - Atlantic Beach Bay

After visiting Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba, one thinks it is almost obscene that Lady Nature is so generous with Baianos! Its series of well-preserved and authentic beaches and ecosystems have made Barra Grande and Itacaré famous on the national scene. Taipu de Fora or Itacarezinho beach, to name but a few.

Geography and climate

Barra Grande, at the end of the Maraú peninsula, is located opposite Moréré on the island of Boipeba from which it is separated by a large bay nearly 18 kilometres wide.

Chapada Diamantina and Barra Grande are connected by life… Life in the form of the Rio de Contas river whose source originates almost 620 kilometers from there on the high plateaus of the Serra da Tromba. A water and life line that connects the heart of Bahia to its southern coast and marks the beginning of the southernmost region of the Nordeste. In Barra Grande, we arrive on a long coast which, by itself, is exceptional; a road whose every step is a dream stopover: Barra Grande, Itacaré but also Canaveiras, Belmonte, Santo André, Porto Seguro, Arrajal d’Ajuda, Trancoso, Caraiva, Ponta do Corumbau, Caravelas, Ponta do Corumbau, Cumuru, Abrolhos, Prado.

We are less than 120 kilometres from Salvador de Bahia, so the climate here is essentially the same. It is the climate of Salvador de Bahia.

Barra Grande - Brésil

Itacaré - Brésil

A few words about Barra Grande & Itacaré

Brazil, Bahia Barra great - egret on the beachOn the Brazilian coast, you will find several small villages called Barra Grande for “great barrier” because it is a common term for fishermen who know their playground very well. This great barrier that constitutes the Maraú peninsula goes through the bay of Maraú. Here a multitude of small islands, a mangrove swamp, majestic beaches and even waterfalls form a mixed ecosystem that turns the traveler into an explorer. All of this combined with the simplicity, the beauty of the village and the charm of this place where everyone knows each other and where everyone is welcome. Between the mangroves and the beaten dirt roads you will feel the soothing energy of this village whose heart beats to the rhythm of the waves.

For many years now Itacaré has decided to stand out At the time of the Cocoa Fever, the village was surrounded by fertile land and very popular. Its beaches have been preserved and a series of paths in the middle of Mata Atlântica form an unparalleled ecological labyrinth: Atlantic forest, ocean, river, beaches… An uninformed traveler could pass right by Itacaré. However those who make a stop there get a glimpse of how well it blends in with its surrounding nature and understand why we say that here more than elsewhere nature “Fala mais alto” (” speaks louder”) !

Our expert opinion

Brazil, Bahia Itacare - exuberant island natureHere is an example of a stay that Terra Nordeste can offer travelers: board a small local motor boat from the coast for Barra Grande. Cross a series of mangrove islets under the blue sky and reach the village just in time to enjoy the sunset. An ideal time and place to enjoy a good fish moqueca, a typical Bahian dish, with mango and ginger; a most flavorful combination that reflects the strong identity of this territory.

The adventure continues towards Taipu de Fora considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Your spirit of adventure makes you rush into the canals formed by Camamu Bay and wander into an arm of the Maraú River whose banks are bordered by a mangrove forest. The Tremembés waterfall is taking shape before your eyes at the same time as a new scenario: a path in the forest which leads you to a meeting point where a 4-wheel drive is waiting to take you to Itacaré

…Itacaré where the discovery continues during hikes on the paths of the Mata Atlântica which allow you to enjoy the many small bays scattered along the coast. If you like surfing or want to learn, you will find ideal conditions on these beaches. For the more athletic travelers it is possible to go rafting outside of the city on the Rio de Contas which takes it source in Chapada Diamantina and leads to Itacaré. This enthralling river is considered an excellent rafting spot. The beautiful beaches, treks, adventures and many cocoa plantations make the idyllic picture complete. And yes, the chocolate of the region is famous and is another spice worth tasting.

Why you should visit Barra Grande & Itacaré

  • The region has some of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia which stand out because of the presence of the Mata Atlantica.
  • The convergence of many ecosystems in one place makes this region an essential stopover for eco-tourism enthusiasts.
  • For the possibility of rafting on the Rio de Contas, one of the best places for this sport in the country.
  • Hiking, surfing, relaxation, snorkeling, many activities for all tastes!
  • The many cocoa plantations in the region are part of the country’s history. Don’t forget to taste the typical Itacaré chocolate.