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The Team

Historically located in São Luís, the capital of Maranhão, Terra Nordeste travel agency has a team of experienced multilingual experts and fine Brazilian experts at your service. Whether they are natives of the region or expatriates who have come to discover the richness and beauty of the country, they all share a common passion: tailor-made travel.
Our team is always happy to communicate with you about your travel project in Brazil and in your language whenever possible: we speak French, English, German, Spanish and, of course, Portuguese.

Ask him for the moon, he’ll get it for you. Creator of outstanding trips, challenge him on his knowledge of his country and his motivation will only increase tenfold. You can trust him with the planning of your trip. You will not regret it.

Mikhail is originally trained as a biologist. His Brazilian expertise on various regions and his unwavering kindness make him a privileged contact before, during and after your trip.

3 personalities for 3 different energies at the service of the agency and the travelers. An A-team who will rise to any challenge you send our way. They’re ready! Challenge them!

“Impossible is not Brazilian” is her favorite saying.  Her long-standing privileged relationship with all our partners makes her the guarantor of your trip and of your peace of mind.

Without her everlasting smile, Terra Nordeste would not be the same. As a pillar of the company, Nilce ensures that the agency runs smoothly.


The agency’s metronome. He sets the pace and brings serenity to the whole Terra Nordeste team which is in the best conditions to ensure your trip is a success.


He is an explorer and the creator and guardian of Terra Nordeste’s identity throughout the years. He has one and one thing only on his mind: always to offer you the most beautiful Brazilian experiences. His motto: quality!