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Pantanal seen by Jean-Paul Delfino

Brazil - Jabiru, bird emblem of the PantanalSome places do not leave you unharmed, at least emotionally. Such destinations are rare on our planet and can only be approached through the knowledge and experience of local “playwrights”, guides who know all the nooks and corners, who know how to set the stage for the action that is about to be played before you. The Pantanal, one of the largest periodically submerged floodplains in the world, is an ecosystem recognized and protected by the UNESCO, one of those places that, as soon as you set a foot on it, change you forever into another woman or man.


Brazil, Pantanal - Cowboy and horses race PantaneiraIn the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, the Pantanal offers the visitors a fauna and a flora that never seem to have suffered from the presence of man. Between the massive and powerful arms of two long rivers, more than 3500 different species of plants grow and thrive in the midst of an incomparable natural sanctuary. Owing to the filtering action of the meanders of those two aquatic giants, the waters are purified which allows the existence of rare species of fish bearing strange and sometimes frightening names. There are, of course, the piranhas, but also the catfish, the river tigers, the piaus or the piraputangas.

On the banks of the rivers, dozens of different species of legendary mammals can also be observed in their natural habitat. Not only jaguars, Pantanal stags, giant otters, great ant-eaters, three-toed sloths, capybaras, pumas, coatis, crab-eating foxes, maned wolves or forest pigs, can be heard rustling through hedges and through the undergrowth or making a cracking sound of branches and when you decide to follow a winding path, the whole tremendous Energy of Nature is there to greet you and remind you that you are Its special guests.

If Amazonia remains the green lung of the planet, the Pantanal on the other side might well be considered as a natural filtering unit for its water, a source of life for all living beings.

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Jean-Paul Delfino is a French writer and screenwriter so passionate about Brazil that he has taken on the writing of a major novel fresco entitled "Suite brésilienne" which covers three centuries of great Brazilian history.

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