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The Parnaiba delta seen by Jean-Paul Delfino

Parnaiba DeltaThe Parnaiba Delta… That particularly god-blessed North-East Brazil region is not for ordinary tourists. If you wish to pick its sweetest fruit gorged with sunshine, you can neither expect a pastoral stroll nor ancient stones laden with history. Do not imagine you will find peddlers or street hawkers selling souvenirs, or that you will enjoy the pleasures of overheated night-clubs. Nor will you find those typical restaurants where, unless you have an experienced guide, you can often encounter the best alongside the worst.

Parnaiba DeltaNo, for the Paranaiba Delta, be prepared to receive a visual shock when confronted with all the most imposing, the most infinite and the most amazing aspects of nature.
Partly situated on the Maranhao State and partly on that of Piaui, the fan-shaped delta sends five water sounds meandering majestically between dunes of immaculate white sand, dappling the horizon and gradually merging with the sky. 73 islands altogether of all different sizes ornament that immensity that evolves as time goes by, sheltering mangroves yet unspoiled by human activity.
As a part of the Nascentes national park, the Rio Parnaiba delta is a highly-protected environmental site. In order to avoid the damage caused by constant passage, it is administrated by ICMBio, the Chico Mendes institute for the conservation of biodiversity. It was officially enacted Brazilian National Park In July 2002 and you will be thrilled by its immensity and the infinite diversity of its fauna and flora.
When, no doubt regretfully, you will have to leave the Parnaiba Delta you will not only keep some of its sand stuck to the soles of your shoes. You will keep the unique remembrance of a place evoking what Paradise must have probably looked like under tropical latitudes.

Written by: © Jean-Paul Delfino (This text is subject to copyrights protection in accordance with existing laws)

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Jean-Paul Delfino is a French writer and screenwriter so passionate about Brazil that he has taken on the writing of a major novel fresco entitled "Suite brésilienne" which covers three centuries of great Brazilian history.

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